Things That Could Shoot Up Your Blood Pressure Dramatically

Things That Could Shoot Up Your Blood Pressure DramaticallyHypertension or high blood pressure is one of the major problem creators that today’s generation is facing at the drop of a hat due to numerous reasons such as inadequate and improper sleeping patterns, bad eating habits, smoking and drinking, having stressful schedules that demands edge-of-the-seat action, stress and depression and much more.

Thus, in the same context, would not it be a good thing to list out some things or situations that would easily aggravate or shoot up your blood pressure so that you try to stay away from them and ward off all antics of hypertension?

Can’t wait for the list to be given? Let’s put it out for you.

Stressful Schedule- A person living a life continuously on the edge and under the continuous pressure to deliver various things on time may later your blood pressure and shoot it up as the body is always being put on to deliver work without any rest.

The Excess Baggage- People carrying extra weight when compared to their height and age can easily contribute towards spiking up your blood pressure as weight has been credited as one of the biggest causes of blood pressure. It would be better to keep a permissible weight and keep cholesterol level under control.

The Genes- Genetics have a major role to play when it comes to rising levels of blood pressure and you can carry forward from your parents but that does not mean your fate is sealed; you can always over turn your fortunes with an active lifestyle.

Lack Of Exercise- Lack of activity or exercise can easily increase your waistline and can shoot up the level of blood pressure dramatically. Doing a 30 minutes of intense exercise can easily fix this issue and keep blood pressure under limits.

Thus, it would be great if you consider these situations or things and see how much they influence your life. Along with an active life, balanced diet and exercise regimes, if you must, take up prescribed medicines from an affordable source called Canada pharmacy after getting it approved by a registered medical practitioner.

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