Reducing High Blood Pressure Without Drugs

Reducing High Blood PressureAre you among those individuals whose doctors advised to take some medication because their blood pressure is very high? Keep this in mind this elevated blood pressure will increase the risk of having stroke, kidney damage, heart attack and other heart related problems, and thus put you at the risk of early death. If you are keen to treat this high blood pressure without drugs and have said big no to doctors  for taking formulated drugs then go natural.

If you are serious about reducing high blood pressure without drugs, you will have to make changes in your lifestyle so as to lower blood pressure naturally. So, are you ardent to do that? If yes, here are 5 means to lower high blood pressure without medications are very beneficial.

Here we go!

  1. lose weight – One of the smartest ways for reducing high blood pressure is to lose weight. If you have above 10 extra pounds then it is time to start, particularly if the extra fat is belly fat. Belly fat increases the probability of having high blood pressure.
  2. Quit smoking – To stop smoking will help a lot in reducing high blood pressure since the nicotine increases blood pressure immediately and its effect last up for one hour. Hence if you smoke one pack every day your BP will be ten points higher.
  3. Healthy foods – Include fresh, potassium, calcium and magnesium rich food and Reject saturated fats in your diet this will aid in reducing high blood pressure.
  4. workouts- Regular exercise, such as walk for about 30- 60 minutes daily can lead to significant benefits for instance lower high blood pressure. Brisk walk will help you to reduce weight, reinforce your heart and also increase your HDL.
  5. Reduce stress- Another way of reducing high blood pressure is to reduce stress. Stress one in a while is not a big deal but constant stress is very harsh for your body and unlocks you to get engaged with some physical or mental illness.

Hope you find some useful information in this blog “Reducing high blood pressure without drugs”. Thank you  for visiting. :)

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