Foods That Are Perfect Antidepressants

Foods That Are Perfect AntidepressantsDepression and stress are accounting for many more lives and health of the people globally than ever before. People today lack patience and want to achieve everything in a flash and when that does not happen, it leads them to continued stress and gradually a state of depression comes to haunt them, paralyzing their normal life activities.

But, after having said that, it must be noted that depression could also occur due to many more internal and external factors such as past physical, sexual and emotional abuse, death or loss of a near one, environmental factors, genetic factors and various other personal problems.

While it is very common for people to go for antidepressants, but as they may contain side-effects causing agents and also make one addictive; how about going for some natural foods that are natural antidepressants?

Let’s have a quick insight.

Water- Shocked? It may seem so simple but water is a perfect antidepressant as dehydration may cause fatigue which may not let people feel good physically and mentally and thus drinking just about the prescribed water (3 Liters/Day) may keep depression away.

Spinach- Spinach is one of the major healthy foods that fight depression ever discovered for mankind with multiple benefits to fight various diseases and depression is no exception. It has folic acid which is a key substance to keep one maintain good physical and mental health. Lack of folic acid may not help the body to produce the required amount of Serotonin, a feel good hormone and that’s why taking spinach can keep you happy.

Oranges- Since other citrus fruits and oranges are excellent sources of vitamin C which is required by our bodies to produce dopamine, a feel good hormone to keep one less depressed and in high spirits. What’s more, it also keeps red blood cell (RBC) count higher.

Red Peppers- Red Peppers are another superb source of vitamin C with more vitamin C contents any other citrus fruits available. Go for them and keep stress and depression away.

Wheat Bread-Wheat Bread is another blemish free antidepressant packed with complex carbs to aid the body produce required amount of Serotonin, making you happy.

Thus, why to still go for conventional antidepressant and be on the higher risk of attracting many more complications and make the matter worse; simply go for these foodie antidepressants and be happy.

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