Things That Could Shoot Up Your Blood Pressure Dramatically

Things That Could Shoot Up Your Blood Pressure DramaticallyHypertension or high blood pressure is one of the major problem creators that today’s generation is facing at the drop of a hat due to numerous reasons such as inadequate and improper sleeping patterns, bad eating habits, smoking and drinking, having stressful schedules that demands edge-of-the-seat action, stress and depression and much more.

Thus, in the same context, would not it be a good thing to list out some things or situations that would easily aggravate or shoot up your blood pressure so that you try to stay away from them and ward off all antics of hypertension?

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Trust These Foods And Keep Nausea And Vomiting Away

Trust These Foods And Keep Nausea And Vomiting AwayNausea and vomiting could be annoying and irritating situations that may always keep you concerned about them and not let enjoy life to the fullest extent. Food poisoning, food and smell allergies, stress and depression and various other factors could lead to nausea and vomiting.

People may go for prescribed medicines to address the issue which is good but as they may not heal the situation from the very roots sometime and also pose various other health scares in the form of some complications that may arise as side-effects and that’s where going natural and having some foods may keep the cue of nausea and vomiting from cropping up.   Continue reading

Keep Off These Foods When Confronting High Cholesterol

Keep Off These Foods When Confronting High CholesterolThere are various lifestyle diseases that have been playing spoilsport or havoc on the life of people such as diabetes, heart diseases, diarrhea, and constipation and not to forget high cholesterol.

People these days are not concerned about their health and due to various reasons such as hurried lifestyle, bad and inadequate sleeping patterns, incorrect food habits laced with smoking and drinking have evoked the chances of many a complication to rise and bad cholesterol is not an exception.

It is a good thing to opt for prescribed medicines but as they may also spike various side-effects based complications, it would not only be a good thing to eat some foods to keep cholesterol down but also avoid some types that may aggravate the LDL (Bad Cholesterol). Continue reading

Top Foods For Diabetes To Take

Top Foods For Diabetes To TakeDiabetes is one major complication or disease type that’s taking a huge toll on the health and prosperity of many people globally.

A complication that used to be a conventional one have slowly emerged as one of the major lifestyle based diseases for what, one has to indulge in taking prescription drugs for lifelong and most of the people get other complications such as lung and kidney disorders, high cholesterol (LDL), heart diseases, vision loss and much more which comes with it and it could be said that diabetes does not come with ‘no strings attached’! Continue reading

Some Basic Dietary Changes To Make To Keep Diarrhea At Bay

Some Basic Dietary Changes To Make To Keep Diarrhea At BayDiarrhea is messy, right? Yet, it is one of those ailments that would irritate and frustrate you to the hilt as it interferes with the daily activities of life. Diarrhea is a condition under which an individual passes watery stools and there happens lots of dehydration and as a result, various vital nutrients and minerals are lost from the body leading to fatigue and weakness.

Of course people simply walk up a local over-the-counter pharmacy store and pick up prescription drugs to fix the issue but this could have little impact and not only the ailment could bounce back but also surge up various complications (Side-effects) that could make the matter worse. Continue reading

5 Foods With Superb Anti-Inflammatory Properties Divulged

5 Foods With Superb Anti-Inflammatory Properties DivulgedInflammation is nothing but the body’s normal response to injuries and infection and is a superb defense strategy that aids the body to heal by accumulating and bringing all immune cells and nutrients to the affected area.

However, a condition called body inflammation is more than bad for the entire body and could be linked with swelling associated with heart disease; arthritis and other types of cancer and going for some anti-inflammatory foods can help to keep you away from pain and other issues pertaining to it.

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Eat These Vitamin B3 Rich Foods To Make Up For Niacin Deficiency

Eat These Vitamin B3 Rich Foods To Make Up For Niacin DeficiencyVitamin B3 or Niacin is required by the body on a daily basis for maintaining all healthy functions. If it is being taken according to the quantities required, the body would be able to complete all tasks easily. Further, niacin also helps the body in proper circulation of blood, regular nervous system functioning and digestion and a lacking of it could mean dangers of various types.

That’s where it is very basic for us to simply keep the level of niacin up in our bodies with some natural foods and be healthy. Let’s have a look at some of the major food types rich in niacin. Continue reading

Sure Shot Diet Plan For Glaucoma To Take

Sure Shot Diet Plan For Glaucoma To TakeGlaucoma is the second most alarming eye disorder concerning USA residents as millions are getting affected from it at the drop of a hat. Glaucoma occurs when the natural flow of the fluid in the eye slows down which results in further increase of pressure, damaging the optic nerve, resulting in loss of vision and blindness may follow suit.

Glaucoma has been observed to be happening in the family of the people having history of it and is long-term smokers. People take up prescribed medicine which is good but also following a healthy lifestyle, taking proper nutrition and exercise could help too.

In the context of it, let’s see some of the sure shot diet plan for glaucoma. Continue reading

Role Of Dietary Fiber In Easing Constipation

Role Of Dietary Fiber In Easing ConstipationWe all have heard it before too to add more fiber in our daily diet regime to not only have a healthy lifestyle but also to get the best ever natural thing to relieve constipation minus any issues.

Dietary fiber has a significant role to play in relieving constipation as it adds bulk to the stools and eases the process to help you ‘go’ and also support a healthy weight and cutting the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Let’s take an overview of the importance of dietary fiber’s role in the body and its best sources to relieve constipation. Continue reading

The Near Perfect Diabetes Diet Plan

The Near Perfect Diabetes Diet Plan  Diabetes is a very common complication people are getting affected too and while it is very common for people to know that one has to take prescribed medicines for the same lifelong, it could also be controlled with a perfect diet specially designed to keep your insulin or blood sugar level under check.

However, we call the diet plan being given to you as near perfect as there is always a scope for improvement. Thus, without diverting any further from the topic, let’s guide you with a diet plan that would help to keep all the blemishes of diabetes under control. Continue reading